On October 23, 2018 Nibiru News Strange Images Will Reappear In The Sky As In 2017!

True we were dosed of us in that part of the world would have seen.

A huge red object but it’s been hidden from.

Everything is being hidden now also John when he sends his emails and he calls these clouds different names and big respect to you for doing.

This he calls this the thumbprint cloud could you see these lines in the skies and it does look like a thumbprint doesn’t.

Let me look at this not normal clouds this is all trash again to hide objects up there shadows dark shadows on this image again blue skies and it.

Gets darker with a red haze fantastic images and we again have to just keep going over we also Dave another kind subscriber that’s showing the truth as well and these were taken in the UK now it’s very important as well I’ve said this before that you do see the two.

Colors you’ve got that yellow haze okay from the soul and this pink reflection this color on these cloud formations from an object that’s in front.

Of our Sun now this reflection is from Nibiru and we are all seeing these colors I said just earlier on it’s getting much more noticeable now isn’t it I’m going to no show you these other attachments from David as well this array of reflection of red pink colors on these cloud formations again showing that there’s another object out there.

Now you can clearly see that this is not from our Sun this color so Dave is out every day and also said it is an excellent emails explaining what.

He sees and also noticing that this huge color is not and has not been seen in the past so again.

We see this every single day now aren’t we and thank you for this photograph more strange cloud formations and the pink reflections and on this image as well dave says that the trees the plant life are all dried up there’s no health in them anymore and.

Again this is a huge cover-up they’re covering the situation ups and none of the members of public has seen this another fine image as well from John Dylan explaining that they are covering the system they used these chemtrails against to manipulate a cloud.

System to cover up holes gaps in these cloud formations that will show the truth so they are very worried about trying to dis they’re trying to Lodge up the whole as well mean look at this chem trail here they just want to try missed it all up so nobody can see what’s going on fantastic photograph also dawn.

Taylor a fantastic friend from the UK it’s always persistent looking at the webcams and can see a lot of changes in.

Differences and she says on email here strange twisting lights can you see here on the screen this objects something and if you can just see to the top here this something was twisting and reflecting on the on the cam another fine capture something is going on and I believe we are now seeing different objects I.

Spotted the other early morning it was very spectacular to see that and then it disappeared so going out and studying the night skies is very important for all of us to catch the images there’s more evidence as well.

What they do spray in those skies this image is coming from Germany from Krissie and again it is so clear that the skies are very dark for 3 p. on this photograph and we are seeing that white object and also against I truly.

Believe that they are still building those underground cities using black budget to ver take our money from our taxpayers earnings they are really are spending a lot of time down there preparing for this huge event so it is so important again to show.

These images and to give out the information we’re going to go to another subscribers image there was another email that these emails just.

Keep flooding through for photographs all the time so it is just carrying on isn’t it – we’re showing our.

Skies are truly truly changing we really need to expose this and get members of the public to now look up another fantastic image come through from another subscriber four zero two six four six five four.

Five zero showing that there is another light source from the opposite side as a Sun the souls going down there’s another red reflections showing itself cut through those cams just absolutely fantastic and thank you for this image because I mean everybody is sending in so much footage.

Now showing the proof that what they are doing the powers that be and we are seeing these red reflections this next image is coming from hi Joe tequila and this lady subscriber it’s 59 years old and she is from Finland in a small village and thank you for your kind email as well it is everywhere is there everywhere is being sprayed if you look closely you can see the lines of those chemtrails and this lady subscriber states that the this.

Huge reflection just shadows are blue skies she’s seen this every day as wealth and she’s been studying the skies for years noticing that the differences are here I’m very annoyed when they spray the skies because she thought well knows that they’re hiding a huge problem this natural event has occurred for many years in the past and she’s.

Given good details of information as well of what she’s Sam studied and she knows she knows that the powers that be have covering the truth.

Because again were just seeing lots of evidence aren’t we this has happened many times in the past his produce next image from Finland and she lives in the country and notices the trees the plant life are just not healthy in the past you could couldn’t barely see through the tree it was very healthy but now it’s just.

Drying up and that reflection as well doesn’t seem right she stays as well without white object up there another fantastic image and we just got to keep going haven’t we – well show that everything around us the differences it’s just different now are they this image is coming.

Again from Andy Yarnell now this guy is persistent sending lots of photographs in to show you that there is a lot of changes up there and he reports in his email this is crazy and it is isn’t it.

Strange colours reflecting those chemtrails and a huge light source this is getting serious now isn’t it we are getting stronger reflections and our skies everywhere.

And it is a situation on our hands.

And we need to truly prepare for this so again Andy thank you for this out.

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