On October 23, 2018 Nibiru News Strange Images Will Reappear In The Sky As In 2017!

Well that is not lens flare lens flare does not reflect on the sea as well so it’s important to pick up all information because again the powers-that-be they will try and fool.

You to say this is lens flare nothing else but but again think out the box because we do see different colors I’m going to go to another image as well and again thank you julie for these photographs.

And thank you for your kind respect as well more images coming in from another coin subscribers to John Dylan showing you on the eNOS sky you can see clearly that red haze on the horizon more chemtrails more activity and he notes as well that.

He doesn’t feel 100% with all this sand heavy spraying in the skies I’ve had another 11 emails being sent to me saying they don’t feel right when they do spray the skies they just feel awful headaches and ringing in their ears runny noses I mean everything is being affected by this and they still continued continually do this every single this again is more.

Proof that the skies have been hazed and sprays all the time dark reflections dark shadows up there as well chemtrails and just again just very unnatural isn’t it thank you for this super photograph all the photographs coming in are just outstanding to show the truth that we are now seeing changes in our skies another fantastic photograph as well and also John reported in as.

Well in an email that there was a strange noise strange eerie noises up there like a trumpet or something very strange but again the powers that be a fault the public to thinking that everything is fine.

So we really need to think out the boss with this whole situation because we are seeing too many.

Differences now here we have more fresh images have just come.

In from Florida in the USA fantastic now this subscribers v-j be one on one one and would like to remain anonymous but has captured a beam of light if you look clearly on the screen there is a huge beam of light coming through and this subscriber said that it just stayed there for about twenty.

Minutes and then just faded off but there’s nothing down the bottom here just feels something was beaming down thank you for this photograph and I’ll now show the subscribers your next image he was the next image.

As well now you can see the natural clouds lowered very low and that this ChemDraw activity above he also stated as well that they could hear those planes spring above the.

Cloud formations and this strange yellow reflection that’s right around the horizons and then it just got very very dark another fantastic image and also states that they they’ve been watching the see the levels okay on the sea line is worthy levels of water seem to be rising they’ve been rising recently at quite high I mean.

At the right look at this photograph again look how high the sea level is now other people were reporting this in from the past couple of weeks I get.

A few emails saying that the sea levels have risen another fantastic image thank you for this because I believe again that there is huge parts of the South.

The North Pole that are melding and this is what’s causing this our levels to rise things are rapidly changing see we get the news media and other channels and.

We’ll have you Sadie Samms send out these reports about sea levels rising and then after a while just gets covered up.

Nobody seems to talk about it anymore so we’ve really got to remember the past reports of what’s happened in the past because again it clearly shows that there’s a problem this is the second image two images taken of the same coastline okay now look at that strange color very green different textures up there and the skies as well because we’ve got other objects and again.

The the level as well to see very very strange as well because it is over there Florida get much stranger every day this is the next.

Photograph in this coin subscriber from Florida and again just spring the sky we do again see every single day this strange cloud formation as the salt goes down look at all this gray haze in the sky and dark shadows and from the past years this subscriber as.

Well says that the soul the Sun would go down blue skies but now.

It’s just being covered up all the time thank you for your persistence your and your kind emails here we have some other fantastic images that just come through as well from Kyra Ridgeway from West Australia now we need to pinpoint this out as well.

A beautiful view as well we do have some stunning images that come through from everybody who has perfect views.

Of viewing those skies noticing those changes look at the different colors again the salt the Sun and this pink haze in the sky from.

Nibiru this red reflection that this I mean it’s reflecting on those Kem’s again all this is trash this is all toxic waste.

That’s being sprayed to hide the truth and the subscribers turn around Kyra and said the through the different years she’s never seen it like this before she’s noticed the chemtrail activity being sprayed and also noticed the plant life as well in them areas that she lives seems much more drier and is shocked about this so I’m gonna move to the next image from Kyra as well.

Because these are fantastic as well this is the next image as well again when Kyra turn man has said on an email she said she’s never seen these strange reflections on the cloud system and also the chemtrail length this pink haze is very much different now not from the solvus under reflections and coming from another light source so again more proof isn’t it that.

Other people around the world have seen the same colors in their skies and no way she said is this from our soul it’s definitely from another object that’s reflecting will Olga see these heavenly bodies in the near future also.

Taken the image as well look at the plant life the trees she states that everything seems to be drying up now never has she seen this and it’s again annoying her because the news media are just saying.

Absolutely nothing about this whole situation now here’s this image again that zoomed out and the path she took two moments to take this next photograph the haze the pink shadows the reflections and colors got stronger and she’s absolutely stunned that this is still carrying on and no one is looking up so again thank you for this photograph and again thank you for your rap proof of what you’re seeing and you’re not alone because we’re all seeing.

The same skies all the time we’re seeing the same differences so please take care and thank you for these photographs as we were just.

Going through Kyra’s photographs these just got sent in as well from Western Australia from Cairo again you can clearly see the two colors very important you’ve got the salt the Sun the yellow reflection going down the horizon or this is chemtrails spraying to hide the truth and this pink reflection again from Nibiru another heavenly body that’s on.

There two reflections in our skies thank you for your persistence and also if you get any more images please send them through kyra because he’s a fantastic this footage was sent in from Joseph but again this is from another kind man that shows proof all.

The time that there is something going on out there in our inner solar system mr. Steve Olsen wso Channel fantastic god now I’m gonna play this observer video it’s very short but it shows you that there is a huge red object that comes.

Up from the other side I’m going to play this for you now it’s very short but it is so important to keep tracking everything because from the ISS International Space Station we are picking.

Up red objects and other other light sources I’m going to play this for you now it’s very short but it is so important that we all catch this I’ve zoomed in on this object is found clearly shows that there’s something else I mean these heavily bodies do move like comets I mean there is a huge system that’s incoming now again Steve.

Thank you for your persistence your channel is amazing and we’re all following you so keep safe and I’m gonna move to another subscribers image as well also Joseph sent this image as well if you look clearly on the end those Kem’s have been sprayed you can.

Clearly see that red reflection we’re starting to see red reflections through the daytime now this again is not from the Sun this is from Nibiru another huge color okay that’s out.

There this heavily body it’s been picked up now we’re starting to see more evidence coming through here’s another fantastic capture as well from Joseph Braun yak for the USA look at that control look at the shadow see that.

Haze up in the sky that they spray every.

Day proven it’s not normal cloud formations that chemtrails.

Reflecting the shadow on it as well they are plastering our skies every day so we don’t catch anything in the.

Biggest populated areas this is.

Another great capture thank you for this because now we’re seeing that there’s far too much spraying going on in our skies and now was seeing this red reflection and coming in stronger another excellent image come in from John Dylan he says on his email.

Caught red-handed as they keep spraying our skies and using that huge chem drought to hide everything that we now really truly want to see because again just there behind that chem cloud it’d be far too dark huge shadows moving across the sky as you saw that footage from Steve Olson that red.

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