On October 23, 2018 Nibiru News Strange Images Will Reappear In The Sky As In 2017!

Strange doesn’t it another different formation something that we’re not familiar with in our skies fantastic capture I’m going to show you it just above those chemtrails as well this is it above the the area if you can see them chemtrails the pink haze up there I believe again that whoever they are or whatever they are they know that the.

System is coming in just another great capture and Scooby thank you for your persistence any more footage.

Again please send it in to us here we have more attachments coming in from Julie Dee and other fantastic subscriber sends me long emails and big respect to you too as well and also please do yourself stay safe because we all need to stay safe as we are seeing these changes this photograph is showing you that there is other objects that are in front of us are this huge red reflection that we see on the cloud formations as the Sun is going down and the chemtrails look at the two.

Different colors can you see this.

Orange haze this there and this big reflection on.

The outside here as well Nibiru reflection the pink reflection and another heavenly body again Hellion is.

Out there in our system as well look at the reflections on these chemtrails we are heading for a.

Pole shift this event is true and it is coming because again we’re seeing these.

Huge dark shadows in the skies please keep an eye on the opposite side as the sun’s going down you will see these strange colors there’s reflecting on the cloud systems fantastic photograph we’ve all got to remember of our skies in the past we really have because.

These colors have never been seen before by us they have been seen I believe before by the Sumerians but not by us now.

We are starting to see the changes we are seen these colors now they’re reflecting on our cloud systems so NASA and government are worried about this because they know that the veil is.

Opening they know that this is now started to show in the skies all across the world huge colors different colors up there with the salt the Sun it’s now started to show itself they can’t stop it from reflecting on those cloud formations and chemtrails so another fantastic photograph Thank You Julie here.

Is the next true image as well those colors they’re reflecting now on those cloud cam trail systems and look again HAARP has been screening the sky in the USA these images are very very fresh as well that’s just come in I mean look the this red ring around the area of this simulator.

That’s reflecting through these objects again have been being cloaked for many years been hidden from the public but now these reflections has started to come out we have a huge problem and all this activity that we see in the skies is just to hide the system.

They use cloud formations pushing these clouds in front of the.

Area of the solar Sun please don’t think that this is a natural course.

It’s not it’s being manipulated it’s man-made control also as well when we see images of two reflections that sir lighten up on the sea you get the Sun the soul that’s lighten up on the receive and also with another object that’s reflecting on the sea as.

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