On October 23, 2018 Nibiru News Strange Images Will Reappear In The Sky As In 2017!

Imp this reflection here well done for catching this as well and also please keep safe over there in Mexico because we’re all noticing as well that many parts around the world are being heavily sprayed so again thank.

You for this image here’s the next image first coin subscriber from Mexico can you clearly see if you look closely you can.

See around object just here I read haze behind all that trash in the night sky something it could be anything but again it just looks very very strangest something there isn’t no.

If you look closely so again thank you for this photograph because again we do have these objects now in our solar system thank you okay this.

Video this short web cam video was taken from Don shady from the UK seen a red reflection you can see that car new to the left hand side that reflection coming up as a soul the Sun was about to rise.

Yesterday morning to see a red haze on that cam thank you for this capture as well fantastic thank you I’ve zoomed on this.

Image as well you can clearly see that red reflection on those chemtrails something else this rise in there as well you can see the haze in the sky the trash it.

Is coming Nibiru is now showing this huge red reflection please do as well in the afternoons look to the north east of the sky you will see.

Reflection behind all that cloud system that they they put there as well to hide in that burn that haze that red haze is here now there’s no doubt in it it is truly.

Here here we have a video that’s coming from Scooby from the.

USA and I just want a pin point this out to you as well if you look carefully on the video you will see an object that moves across the screen going from the top left corner downwards and it is again hover.

The camcorder because this is what this kind subscribe has done just left the camcorder on record all day and we do pick up objects don’t we they come across the sky very very quickly so it’s very hard to be able to pull the camcorder out camera mobile.

Phones and take the images so again just keep your camcorder on live record and you will pick up objects I’m gonna play this video to you now and again respect to you for sending this in this is fantastic more great images showing proof that there are other objects up there in the heavens I’m gonna play that for you again but what I’ve done is as well have slowed it.

Down so you can catch that object because it does go past the screen very fast.

It’s only a four second video so I slowed it down for you and then I’ll zoom in on this object as well because a point very fascinating that we do see other things up there okay this is the.

See that goes clearly past the air is the Sun now it does move has moved in a very strange way it seemed to be skimming the the atmosphere something is going on we do see these orbs or wherever.

They are thee are they being ships or.

Are they something else I’m just gonna zoom into it a bit more away from the Sun as well so we can see we’ve had the glare this is the other image as well.

This object I don’t understand this I wouldn’t know what size it is but it does look very.

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