On October 23, 2018 Nibiru News Strange Images Will Reappear In The Sky As In 2017!

Truly amusing don’t bother looking for them because I’m able to block them as quickly as they appear our first video comes from the south east facing weather cam and chic Miss Canyon British Columbia in Canada it starts out with the moon looking like a comet with a tail I’m not sure.

Why the tail then separates from the comet and it fades away daybreak comes and the Sun appears to be flashing notice the landscape going from Bright to dark as the Sun flashes the Sun appears in.

The upper left corner briefly with prism colored rings odd shaped objects and reflections just as.

The Sun reaches the top of the screen it develops a Sun halo notice the size of the halo in this frame because in the next few frames we’re going to see another Sun halo six to seven times larger now 30 minutes of images were just removed from this section so now we can only see the bottom of this enormous halo the east-facing weather cam in Angoon Alaska shows something rising just above the horizon on.

The left it casts its reflection upon the water it may be interesting to realize that the Sun is not in this image because the Sun is rising in the Northeast in.

Alaska not in the east and this camera is facing east as we go through the video look at the time stamp.

Nearly two and a half hours later the Sun appears from the north on the left side of the screen the object we saw rising two-and-a-half hour ago was not the Sun it was something else here is the Northeast weather cam and Angoon the Sun is rising near the.

Center and off to the right is the other celestial object we just saw rising in the last camera footage we looked at if the clouds.

Weren’t so thick we would see another celestial object rising to the left of.

The Sun the north east facing weather cam captured a black indicator being being emitted for an eclipse these eclipses occur multiple times daily here’s a common reflection that we see throughout Alaska and Canada clouds permitting of course notice.

The sun’s reflection on the water it’s often.

In two different pieces one is the Sun and the other is nassos tiny but intense artificial light launched many miles from the Earth’s surface which tracks in sync with the Sun.

You can see the black center of that equipment easily in this image but the black center is not always visible this photo from the southwest facing camera in Myers Chuck Alaska shows that black.

Center of nasa’s artificial light and it’s casting a reflection on the water this reflection can be seen by anyone with or without a camera the north east facing weather cam an eagle alaska picked up a very large round object both the glare and the atmospheric chemicals.

Make it very difficult to see look closely and you can see nasa’s artificial light pass over it this object passes in front of our son but behind nasa’s artificial light so so that.

It’s not obvious in eclipses occurring since the object doesn’t move it could be one of nasa’s large lenses here’s a close-up of those frames and here’s a close up with some contrast applied here is another enormous object however this one is moving with.

The Sun but not as fast as the Sun as you can see over the course of 40 minutes in this time-lapse video here’s a close-up view of those four frames and here are those four frames with contrast applied to the.

Celestial object the contrast works much better if Sun and clouds are not included in the cost contrast.

That’s why I often apply the contrast to a small area of the screen it really works much.

Better that way the south east facing weather cam located in Kotzebue captured the red planet that we frequently see this red planet has a.

Much faster rotation than our earth or Sun you must have an IQ of at.

Least 75 to understand why this cannot be a lens flare it is impossible for a lens flare to reflect faster rotations than the object creating the lens flare additionally in the last frame of this video clouds moved in and covered up the planet if this were a lens flare clouds could not cover it up because the lens flare is in the camera and not behind the clouds here’s an interesting video from the east-facing weather cam in.

Kotzebue Alaska as the Sun moves across the sky the.

Atmospheric chemicals have created somewhat of a veil appearance it almost looks as if someone has.

Whitewashed the sky around the perimeter of the Sun or taken some paint or something after a few frames the red planet comes into view it’s very difficult to see amidst the atmospheric chemicals but some contrasts here helps to.

Bring it into view the objects we have just viewed are part of an approaching celestial system many people ask when the system will make its closest pass to our earth a general indication.

Of time is provided in the fall screams of text please don’t forget to like this video and subscribe you.

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