On October 23, 2018 Nibiru News Strange Images Will Reappear In The Sky As In 2017!

Good morning from the UK third of the ninth 2017 and I hope everybody across the earth is having a safe weekend as we still continue to search those skies got some fantastic images coming in from great people from all across the world showing the proof that our skies are changing please take care here we have some fantastic attachments.

Come in from Sean from Serena in Canada in the USA look at this image closely again look at the horizon that red array that red haze they are chem drilling and screening our sole the.

This image shows the persistence that they’re doing they are always spraying each horizon this is just a fantastic image showing you the proof again of what they do dark skies very dim I’m gonna go to another attachment from Sean as well these images are fantastic here is the next image as well you can clearly see as the sole the Sun Goes Down this huge blanket of chemtrail trash in the sky that moves across the sky can you see to the left hand side as.

To solve the sun’s going down there’s a red reflection a red.

Haze in the sky has gone down as well look at this trash that they produce in the sky every single day to hide the system again another fine image Thank You Sean for this this is another image as well like the first image but you can clearly see that they.

Chemtrail to try and cover it as well they know that the salt the sun’s burning through all that trash so they again they are attempting to cover.

It as to solve the Sun Goes Down more chemtrails more activity just to hide the truth they don’t want us to see the other heavenly body the skies above are being.

Cloaked all the time another fine image and again many people are sending in images let’s go to another subscribers in an image and again Sean thank you for this another fantastic photograph that’s come in also just moments ago by Sean again from Canada just showing you what they do these Kem’s again and look at the the saw the Sun huge red.

Well behind all that trash and he did say that there is another reflection as well down here can you see this another color in the sky very green reflections as well different colors up there trash again something is being hidden up there and we are getting closer to the truth we just got to continue haven’t we to show in these images around the world proven that they.

Are spraying the whole of the earth I’m gonna go to another photograph now these photographs again from Canada to see that pink haze and all that you see in the sky on this photograph is just chemtrails toxins it’s calm before the storm we know that something’s going to happen because we do see these strange colors today here in the UK at 1:00 p.

Well would know this is well that the skies as the sole the Sun was up there okay this white color this beaming down on the land there was another light source hitting on them air cloud systems very red very orange these colors now they do cloak these heavily bodies because again we’re getting two to three reflections it.

Is very important to get these words out and go to another.

Image now this is the next photograph Canada has been heavily chemtrail all that trash in the sky different light source going down we’ve the the solver color going down.

We’ve got these huge fret reflections as well look at all this this is being controlled by again harp and it’s moving slowly towards the song every day they do this to cover the truth yet more trash these images are fantastic to show the people that what they’re seeing those dark cloud formations mixed with chemtrails it really is upsetting our weather patterns.

Because we do get abrupt changes as of the year the system is completely messed up up there now they are messing with us stratosphere the atmosphere again has been hugely polluted with this and all they do is just want to stop.

People from seeing the truth these objects that coming in from the inner solar system now I just want to point out as well when we see these images think back in the past and we have not seen these cloud formations before deliberately spray in our skies starting off early hours of the morning thousands of feet high.

With those turbine engines those chem planes and then this is what they produce very strange lines in the sky.

Not natural at all two different reflections the sky you’ve got that object and this red on the horizon this simulator they use all the time again would being fooled.

And people I hope for starting to acknowledge the truth now we really need to just keep pressing on and show him what they’re doing here is the two reflections.

On this next photograph this red reflection can you see this down on the horizon here here’s the the area of the solver sunt and this simulator look at this.

Trash bin I mean all this is some man-made toxic waste to hide the truth the powers-that-be just don’t want no one to acknowledge this red haze in the sky more Kentrell in more trash these dark strange cloud formations look again on the horizon here look at all this reflection just coming down as well I’ve got a huge heavily body that’s reflecting on our skies from the southern hemisphere look at this here this object again it’s burning through these chemtrails fantastic photographs we just got to keep going half away because I’m having emails from other subscribers.

From the southern hemisphere saying that their skies are completely caked in chemtrails and they’re seeing huge red reflections another fantastic photograph to prove that we’ve got this system this tournament traveling with the Sun I mean you can clear here it is here this red reflection up there chemtrail e’en fantastic images and Shawn please.

Keep safe any more photographs please send them in so we can show other people that the truth is here now okay.

We’ve got another subscribers image called courteous from Mexico and he says that there was another light source northeast can you just see that light source on the horizon it was showing for a couple of hours and then just disappeared another red haze in the sky.

in the morning now again people being more persistent aren’t they just.

To check in the skies to see that there is other light sources and he states as well that the skies were heavily CEM drought when it lifted up on the horizon and he was absolutely outstanding to see this.

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