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You it’s time to have some fun with the Kidizoom SmartWatch DX this durable watch is perfect for kids on the go they can catch all their play on video or snap cool photos and explore their creativity with photo effects frames and filters with double the memory it’s double the fun now with a motion sensor kids have even more.

Ways to play take three action challenges to show off your cool dance moves do the funky jump or win the race alert 10 motion.

Activated sound effects and it sounds like an elephant fly like a bird a gorg discover awesome activities like funny face detector and monster identity or use the touchscreen to play more games like tic tac toe and super.

Snowboard with a SmartWatch DX kids can have their own cool cap just like their parents with new features like the calculator and calendar they’ll even learn to tell time and can customize their watch with 3d plus faces go online to download additional games watch faces photo effects and more be a Zoomer with a Kidizoom SmartWatch DX only from VTech Hey Joe what’s going on make sure we’re.

Good on that meeting I’ll be there remember guys don’t Amaro sir all the lights hey Google send a message I have arrived I can’t wait to see you guys No.

Oh hello yeah definitely what time again.

Okay Google add more frosting to the shopping list I really think we.

Use this time okay take a look mark my to 0-4 or your infants okay Google send a message to miles okay google navigate.

To the nearest gift shop we didn’t make it for everyone we made it for free spirits designed to fit your body bring your hands and detention so you can run soar and set your own pace in life never miss a call or a chance to show your love treat yourself right make your world smarter be yourself never compromised spread your wings fly wherever you like it’s way beyond smartphone freedom it’s not for everyone it’s for the special few.

Who live is free as a bird Huawei watch 2.


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