Windows 10 Build 18237 – Login Screen, Snip & Sketch, Sticky Notes

Hey there guys zach here for windows central and welcome back to another video now today we’re taking a look at Windows 10 built 18 to 37 this is one of the first 1981 builds that Microsoft has released so yes we’re now in a new development cycle we are done with resident 5 we are now testing the mix to.

Windows 10 feature update coming in the spring of 2019 so demonstrating the first where they change in this build is with some of the built-in.

Apps sticky notes for example has been updated with an entire new design and new feature set so if you open up sticky notes here.

Have a sort of hub area and this stores all of your notes so if we write a note down here like remember to get eggs you’ll see that it saves into the hub here I can even close this and it will be remembered here as well what’s more these also sync across your devices so if you’re signed in with a Microsoft account and have multiple Windows 10 devices you can actually save your notes across different devices.

And get back to them with ease no matter what device you are using so if I open up sticky.

Notes on another PC I will see this sticky note right here which is pretty nice so we also have more format options as well for you highlight some text here we.

Can make it bold or underline it which looks pretty cool and there’s also a new color which is dark so if you’re into dark mode you can now have dark mode sticky notes as well then we can also add new ones and we can go from there as well these also support inking although I don’t have a pen with this device I can’t show you that otherwise they all work pretty well and as you see there.

They’re sinking of course devices right now and I can close these and get back to them at a later date just like that which is fairly nice moving right along the next noteworthy change in this build is with snip and sketch which used to be called.

Screen sketch they’ve changed the name of it now to snip and sketch and the only note would have changed to this here is you can now delay the time it takes to take.

A snip so if you’re trying to get like a context menu or something you can set it to snip in three seconds so I can do three two one and have time to a right-click.

That to take the screenshot and then there’s also.

A ten-second delay as well if you really to do lots of different things quick.

Let’s open up file explorer and dear and then let’s put them side by side and I should be in time for the snip there.

It is so that’s that so if you’re a fan of delaying snips you can now do that with the new modern sniffers get experience the odd one is still here I believe let’s quickly check that snipping yeah.

Still here Michael’s hasn’t removed it but there is a you’re not gonna launch yeah there is there was a warning saying hey this is the old one try the new one so the last note.

Where the change in this build is with.

The login screen now Microsoft is slowly but surely adding fluent design effects to every part of the Windows shell and now Mark started adding it to the lockscreen so if we hit the enter key here you’ll see that the wallpaper blurs into the background using the acrylic blur effects and it looks pretty nice this works of any wallpaper you’re using whether.

Custom one or the windows spotlight feature so if we jump into settings here I can actually change the wallpaper for you just to show you that it’s the case this is when the spotlights interesting let’s use this one yep let’s try it again and it blurs just like.

Really quite nice so that’s pretty much it for this build so far not much is in these bills because this is the very beginning of 1980 once development cycle over the next few weeks and months we should.

Expect to see more features and enhancements added to these bills including the return sets hopefully that’s not confirmed it’s just something that we’re hoping will.

Show up at some point but until then thanks so much for watching and I shall see you in the next one.

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