Char Broil Tru Infrared Cooking Technology Explained

What does char-broil tru-infrared mean tru-infrared means even headon across the entire grill true infrared means no flare-ups true infrared means the juiciest food you can imagine 50% juicier than traditional grilling true infrared means having everything you want from a grill and more here’s how it works when infrared or radiant energy comes into contact with food it makes the.

Molecules within the food vibrate creating heat now any natural fire produces infrared energy but the intensity of the heat is inconsistent a char-broil’s.

Patented true infrared cooking system sits above the gas coal or electric heat source and redistributes the heat creating an intensely hot cooking surface without hot or cold spots with a traditional grill you lose much of the energy from the heat source those grills actually heat the air instead of the food and can remove moisture from what you’re cooking true infrared applies more heat.

To the food and less to the air resulting in a quicker cook time and food that’s up to 50% juicier it only takes a few seconds of fire to burn your food any drippings are captured by the true infrared system preventing flare-ups.

And redirecting smoke and steam flavors back into the food with true infrared cooking technology you can grill with confidence knowing your meal will turn out juicy and delicious every time look for the true infrared logo on a variety of charl guess charcoal and electric grills what does char-broil tru-infrared me tru-infrared means.

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