10-28-2018 Announcements

Welcome we’re glad you’re here check out the arrow found in your bullets in four places ways to connect at HCC visit our website at harvest online dot church [Applause] welcome to harvest Christian Center my name is Jenny and belay your video announcements let’s take a moment and talk about some of the exciting things happening here at harvest Christian.

Center for you and your family we have some fantastic events happening this Wednesday October 31st Jen now kids will be having their harvest party for kindergarten through 6th.

Grade there will be games bounce houses and candy check. at the downtown campus kids building our youth at revolution student culture will be having a neon glum night at.

The North Campus there will be food activities and guest speaker Charles repeat nursery care will be provided for our infants and for our tots are.

Two through four year olds our nursery staff has prepared a fun beach party again check in this week will be at 6 p. and as well as we didn’t forget about you join us at 6 p.

and revived for pastries pumpkin spice lattes coffee and great conversation join us at 7 p.

for a 5th night classes at the downtown campus we.

Have solving your money problems and pastor rocky baths and the essentials of pastors Nathan and Elena Ayala take a look in your bulletin for more information on church life 201 and baby dedications which are both happening this month at harvest if you’ve already taken Church like 101 and we encourage you to sign up for.

To open at the kiosk online or by filling out the form we have awesome life groups meeting throughout the month and harvest a few groups meeting this week our body.

And soul a fitness class for women and strong and courageous a Bible study for men pick up a life peer booklet today to find out more information about these groups and many others what’s your life group next Sunday November 4th rachel Hickson will be with us all day make plans to attend one of our morning services and then our six came out for in-service at the downtown campus make sure you and my friends those are your.

Video announcements we’d love to stay connected with you throughout the week and the best way to do so is by following us on Facebook Instagram or Twitter you’re welcome to pull out your phones right now and follow.

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