Netflix Launches A New App For Dvd Rentals

Netflix has launched a new app. However, this app won’t let you stream Stranger Things or download TV shows for your commute to work. Instead, this app is dedicated to DVD rentals. Which are, apparently, still a thing. I know, we’re shocked too.

Before Netflix evolved into the streaming media service most of us know today, it started out as a DVD-by-mail company. Netflix has been mailing out DVDs ever since, and despite introducing streaming in 2007, millions of people still make use of the DVD rentals side of the business.

DVD rentals are only available to Netflix users in the U.S., and about 4.2 million people still rent DVDs from the company. Netflix manages all of this through, but it has now launched an iOS app designed to make it easier for users to manage their DVD rentals.

New Year, New App, Old Tech

Netflix’s new DVD rentals app lets you browse all of the available DVDs, and easily add them to your queue or share them with friends. You can also find out more about each movie, and have similar titles recommended to you.

The new app also lets you manage your queue, removing DVDs or changing their position. You can also see at a glance which DVDs you have in your possession, and which are en route. Lastly, you can search for titles, or browse by genre or mood.

Poor Ol’ Blockbuster

This time last year Netflix launched its streaming service in 130 countries, making it available almost everywhere apart from China. Which makes the decision to launch an app aimed at a small number of customers in just one country a rather strange one. Leading us to believe DVD rentals are still profitable. Poor ol’ Blockbuster.

Do you still rent DVDs from Netflix? If so, why? Will you be using this new app to manage your DVD rentals? Or are you an Android user annoyed that Netflix has launched it on iOS only? Do you think you’ll ever switch to only streaming? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Paul Swansen via Flickr

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